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Reiki Training in Edinburgh

The 2 day Reiki I Course will be held in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Centre for Nutrition and Therapy, 11 Home Street, Tollcross, EDINBURGH Tel 0131 229 1077
The cost of the course is 140 which includes a comprehensive manual and once the course is fully completed your certificate. The course will cover amongst other things the History and development of Reiki, the Principles of Reiki, practical uses of Reiki, self-treatments, working with others, hand positions, seated and Group Healing. These are small courses for 4-6 participants. For further information please phone me on 0131 556 8878 or email info@a-zingtherapies.co.uk

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

If you are interested in Reiki II training please contact me


'EmoTrance' Workshops in Edinburgh

This is a great opportunity to receive EmoTrance Training of highest quality from Licensed EmoTrance Trainer Jo Spaczynska, here in Scotland.


EmoTrance Self Help Workshop

Easier than EFT no tapping to learn. Great tool to help assist with the Law of Attraction!

Learn EmoTrance for yourself, to transform your own emotions and to add new sparkle to your life. Become the master of your emotions; Learn to transform what people say to you into positive energised states, from insults and criticism to compliments and praise whilst learning the basic EmoTrance technique. Discover how all thoughts have their associated energy states in and around your body and how you can influence these states in an instant and with ease. Release limiting beliefs that create your reality and so open the doors to new opportunities in your life. Meet your creative template, the state of total Even Flow, that you were designed to be, and to feel and to live, your potential. Discover how you can use the Oceans of Energy around you and derive deep nutritional enrichment from all aspects of life. See below for Course Fees.

Participants require no previous knowledge or understanding of EmoTrance or other Complementary Therapies. Learn and experience the beauty of healing through the client-practitioner co-joint healing process, understand our shields and barriers, their purpose, their consequences, and the incredible opportunity for nourishment and reconnection when we can release them safely for our clients. Understand EmoTrance energy theory, learn elegant ways to speed up the healing process when dealing with deep resistant energy wounds. Discover how fast healing can be when dealing with energy and intention. Receive a deep significant healing yourself. Learn how to raise any energy state you wish for any task at any time including healing. Receive Self Help certification at the end of this day on satisfactory completion of the course. See below for Course Fees.


EmoTrance Practitioner Course (Certificated and Licenced)

Participants must have attended a Self Help workshop. Further develop your skills in transforming emotions. Learn the beauty of conducting a telephone session, learn elegant ways to speed up the healing process when dealing with deep resistant energy wounds, learn about shields and barriers to energy and have lots of practice in this wonderful way of working.

Receive Practitioner certification at the end of this day on satisfactory completion of the course and one year licence to practice. See below for Course Fees.


Fees and Discounts


1 Day Introductory Self Help Workshop (Certificate of Attendance)...................................75

1 Day EmoTrance Practitioner Training (Practitioner Certificate & Licence)...................175
(For participants who have previously attended an EmoTrance Self Help Workshop)

2 Days EmoTrance Practitioner Training (Practitioner Certificate & Licence).................250
...............................................Less 10% discount.........(250 - 25) = ...........................225


Make a group booking of 6 people (including yourself) to receive further discount making it 200 for the two days.

If you are interested please contact me. It will be great to meet you and teach you this fabulous way of working!!!!!!!!!

To book, either phone me on 0131 556 8878 or email. Non-refundable deposits payable to Jo Spaczynska, 71 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh EH7 5HZ



If you would like to host a course in your area let me know.

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